SHORT NOTE ----- Assessment of ratoon crop yield of different sugarcane genotypes on family basis

Abdelmahmoud O. Ahmed, G. Vijayakumar, U. Natarajan


Ratoons in sugarcane (Saccharum spp) cropping refer to the crops after cutting the plant cane. Ratooning is an important practice in all sugarcane producing countries and occupies about 50% of the total area under cane. Ratooning has so far received great attention by sugarcane growers, for it saves cost of planting of a new crop. The efficiency of ratooning in sugarcane is a varietal character; some varieties produce bumper crops of ratoon while others gives moderate or poor performance and ratoon usually gives yield with better juice quality. However, with proper management the first ratoon can outyield the plant crops. In fact, the full benefit of sugarcane cultivation can not be achieved without taking at least one ratoon crop.

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