The impact of farmers' field schools weekly training on the adoption of some recommended wheat cultural practices by Gezira scheme tenants

El Badawi K. Hag Khalifa, Mohmmed B. Hussein, Osman A. Babikir


The objective of this study was to determine the influence of weekly participation of Gezira scheme tenants in training sessions in farmers' field schools (FFSs) on adoption of some recommended wheat cultural practices. Tenants weekly participation in training sessions in FFSs was considered an independent variable, while adoption of recommended urea and phosphorus application and their doses , watering interval and sowing date were considered dependent variables. A sample of 80 farmers were selected to answer a prepared questionnaire of whom 40 participated in the FFSs weekly training and 40 did not .The adoption of recommended water intervals ,urea dose and application and phosphorus application were dependent on FFSs weekly training sessions, while adoption of the recommended sowing date and phosphorus dose were not dependent on the FFSs weekly training sessions. It was recommend that FFSs approach to be continued and at a higher scale, also field personnel of the Gezira scheme should train farmers through this appro-ach in problem- solving techniques in order to encourage more farmers' participation in extension activities which would lead to higher rates of adoption of the recommended cultural practices.

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