Degradation of sorghum stover treated with Rabaa ash alkali in the rumen of Nubian goats

Asma H. M. Hamed, Mohamed E. Elimam


The effects of Rabaa (Trianthema pentandra L.) ash alkali (0, 3, 5 and 8%) on the chemical composition and degradation of sorghum stover using artificial fibre bags in the rumen of three Nubian goats fed with groundnut haulm were studied. The alkali altered the chemical composition by decreasing crude fibre (CF) (37.15, 34.98, 36.57 and 34.40) and nitrogen free extract (NFE) (46.59, 42.22, 39.10 and 39.94) and increased the ether extract (EE) (0.68, 0.48, 0.85 and 1.11) and ash (10.22, 16.93, 18.97 and 20.98) for untreated stover (US), and the stover treated with Rabaa ash alkali at 3% (AT1S), 5% (AT2S) and 8% ( AT3S), respectively. Dry matter, organic matter (OM) and crude protein (CP) degradation were increased with increasing incubation times and alkali level. Dry matter, CP and OM degradation characteristics were generally increased with increasing the alkali level.

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