Effect of waxing and fungicide treatment on quality and storability of grapefruits

Abu-Bakr Ali Abu-Goukh, Fatima Ali Elshiekh


The effect of waxing and fungicide treatment on fruit quality and storability of the pink-fleshed 'Foster' grapefruits at 18 + 1OC and 85-90% r.h. was evaluated. The wax treatment significantly decreased respiration rate, reduced water loss and delayed total soluble solids accumulation and titratable acidity. Waxing improved fruit quality, reduced post-harvest losses and extended storability of grapefruits. The differences between the wax and wax with fungicide treatments were not significant in the parameters studied. However, the fungicide treatment added up to the effect of waxing in improving the quality and reducing post-harvest losses of grapefruits.

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