Effect of polyethylene film lining and potassium permanganate on quality and shelf-life of banana fruits

Mae A. Elamin, Abu-Bakr A. Abu-Goukh


The effect of polyethylene film lining, sealed or perforated, and potassium permanganate, in granular form or absorbed in filter paper, on banana fruit quality and shelf-life was evaluated. Polyethylene film liners, sealed or perforated, significantly delayed fruit ripening, maintain-ed quality and extended shelf-life of bananas. The potassium permang-anate (KMnO4) in both forms resulted in more delay of fruit ripening and extension of shelf-life of banana fruits. The sealed film liner and KMnO4 in the granular form were more effective in delaying fruit ripening and extending shelf-life of bananas. That was reflected in more delay in the climacteric peak of respiration, peel color development, TSS accumulation, fruit softening and reduced weight loss during storage of bananas.

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