Species complex of fruit flies at Abu-naama area and detection of the species, Dacus punctatifrons (Karsch)

Abdelaziz E.Gesmallah, Abdel Gadir M. Abdellah


True fruit flies (Diptera:Tephritidae) areĀ  the major constraint in commercial horticulture in many African developing countries. The family Tephritidae includes about 4257 species arranged in 500 genera, among these 1400 species are known to develop in fruits. Equatorial Africa is the original home of 915 species belonging to 148 genera, out of which 299 species develop in either wild or cultivated fruits. Their cosmopolitan distribution, broad larval host range and substantial economic impacts have placed tephritids among the world's most notorious agricultural pests (McPheron and Steck 1996).

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