Comparative quality studies on breeder, foundation, registered and certified cotton seeds of the commercial variety Barakat-90

Neima H.O. Soliman, Ibrahim E. Mohamed, El Fadil A.Babiker, Adil D. Mohamed


Agriculture is the backbone of Sudan economy after petroleum. Cotton was the most important cash crop. During the forties of the 19th centary, cotton used to earn about 70% of the country's foreign exchange (Afzal, 1949) and provides 13% of total labour force (Ali, 2004). In 1918 Sudan Agricultural Research started research on cotton problems in order to avail suitable cotton varieties and technical package for different cotton areas in the country. Seed multiplication is accomplished through successive generations of increasing the amount of seed, generally called breeder, foundation, registered and certified seeds (Lewis, 1970). The Cotton Research Program of the Agricultural Research Corporation (ARC) is responsible for the production of the breeder's seed and supervision of the production of the foundation seed, in cooperation with the irrigated schemes (Babiker, 2007).

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