Virus-vector relationships of chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus (CpCDV) and sesame jassid (Orosius orientalis) in chickpea

Abdelmagid A. Hamed, Gassim A. Dafalla


Serological testing using tissue blot immunoassay (TBIA) showed a close association between CpCDV and stunt disease in chickpea. Therefore, a glasshouse investigation was initiated at Hudeiba Research Station, the River Nile State, Sudan, in 2006 to verify the role of O. orientalis as an insect vector in disease transmission. The results showed that disease transmission efficiency was increased as the number of leafhopper (O. orientalis) increased from one to 15 insects/ plant. The minimum virus acquisition and inoculation access periods (AAP and IAP) were found to be about 5 min. The latent and retention periods were 180 min and 17 days, respectively.


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