Estimation of evapotranspiration in the hyper arid region of northern Sudan using different methods

Habiballad A. Mohame, Ali A. Mohamed


Five reference evapotranspiration (ETo) estimating methods were used to estimate ETo within the vicinity of the National Institute of Desert Studies (NIDS) in the hyper arid region of northern Sudan, namely, FAO Penman-Montieth (PM), Class A Pan, Hargreaves, Makkink and Radiation methods. The objectives were to find out the most suitable method for prediction of ETo in the absence of necessary climatic records, a condition that occurs in many parts of developing countries. The monthly meteorological data were obtained from NIDS meteorological station for the period March 2008 to February 2010 and used in the study as yearly averages. Using a software package developed by FAO mainly for irrigation purposes, known as cropwat program, the FAO Penman-Montieth equation was used for the calculation of ETo. The results showed that all of the methods used were highly correlated to PM. They also showed that ETo can be estimated with a reasonable accuracy in the hyper arid region from the Radiation method and Class A Pan, with special emphasis on Class A Pan as the simplest method.

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