Determinants of financing small enterprises by the Agricultural Bank in North Kordufan State (2003-2007)

Elsayed E.M. Elnagarabi, Zuo Elgranin A. Elmahi, Abu Baker M.A. Hussen



The main objective of this paper was to identify the determinants of financing small enterprises by the Agricultural Bank in North Kordofan State (2003–2007). The main source of primary data was a questionnaire designed for this purpose. Then a pilot survey was conducted, the questionnaire distributed to proportional stratified random sample of 90 respondents size. Secondary data and information were collected from both traditional and electronic sources analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and the stepwise multiple liner regression analysis was used according to the backward elimination techniques. The multiple linear correlation coefficient, the coefficient determination, the adjusted determination coefficient, the standard error, and the Durban-Watson coefficient were calculated. The study concluded that the main determinants of financing of the Sudan Agricultural Bank (SAB) for the small enterprises in North Kordofan State were the allowance period and the extension services which were found statistically significant and there was no auto-correlation problem. The study recommended that the Sudanese Agricultural bank have to review its policy regarding the allowance period  (to be more than 3 years) and the provision of more extension services regarding feasibility studies and small business management

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