Effect of nitrogen on seed yield and content and quality of oil of winter grown sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Ahmed E. Daffalla, M. E. Lazim, S. M. Farah, E. A. Ahmed


Field trials were carried out at Wad Medani and Sennar locations during season 2008 / 09 to investigate the effects of nitrogen levels on growth, seed yield, oil content and quality of two sunflower cultivars. The treatments consisted of three nitrogen levels (86.7, 108 and 129 kg N/ha, applied as urea) and two cultivars (Damazin and Hysun33). Nitrogen at the higher rate (129 kg N/ha) gave higher seed yield. The oil content ranged from 36.3 to 42.9 %. Nitrogen, cultivar and location had no significant effects on oil content. Oleic and linoleic acids were the most dominant fatty acids in the oil. It is recommended to apply 129 kg N/ha to winter grown sunflower to obtain high seed yield.

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