Low cost options of carbon sources, gelling agents and supporting materials used for micropropagation of shoot tips of banana cultivar Grand Nain

Hala M. Abdallah, Mohamed A. Ali, Adil Yousif Yagoub


The high cost of materials used for media preparation is chiefly constituted by gelling agents and sucrose. The objective of this study was to develop efficient micropropagation techniques for the newly released banana cultivar Grand Nain at a low cost by testing different alternatives of carbon sources (sucrose),gelling agents and supporting materials. Three experiments were conducted to test different carbon sources, gelling agents and support matrices.  In the first experiment, different carbon sources were tested. These included the refined imported sugar special for tissue culture from Sigma Company, Kenana (refined local sugar), Alguneid (brown local sugar) and beet crystal imported sugar from the local market. Results showed that all sources of sucrose resulted in the highest number of explants with shoots, however, Alguneid sugar induced significantly higher number of shoots per explants. There was 99.4% reduction in the medium cost compared to the standard medium of Sigma sugar. The second experiment was conducted to test different gelling agents such as corn starch at 50.0g/l plus agar at 3.0 and 4.0 g/l, corn starch at 50.0g/l plus phytagel at 1.25 and 1.5 g/l, respectively. Phytagel at 2.5 g/l and agar at 9 g/l were used as control. Gelling agents did not differ in the percentage of explants with shoots. However, corn starch at 50.0g/l and phytagel at 1.5 g/l resulted in the highest number of shoots which reduced the medium cost by 30.7%. In the third experiment, different supporting materials were used as low cost options including stone matrices, glass beads, cotton fiber and filter paper. Rock stones were the best supporting material in liquid medium for propagation of banana cv. Grand Nain. It resulted in significantly higher percentage of explants with shoots, number of shoots per explant and plant height.

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