Installation of a family drip irrigation system for the improvement of the livelihood of small-scale farmers in comparison with surface irrigation

Ahmed B. A. Khalifa, Mohamed A. Ali, I. V. Sijali, Adil Y. Yagoub, Mohmed A. Eljali, Abdelgadir H. Ali


Drip irrigation is one of the most efficient methods of water use for crop production. Family drip systems are suitable for small land areas ranging from 10-2000 m2 to irrigate horticultural crops. The system is a complete drip irrigation unit. It operates by gravity from a tank placed one meter high. It is a closed pipe-gravity system, and solid seasonal installation, for growing vegetables, flowers and other horticultural crops on flat or minor slope land. This experiment was established to evaluate a family drip system in comparison with surface irrigation for onion production under north Kassala conditions (Talkouk Locality). The results indicated that family drip system saved irrigation water by 67% and 59%, and increased the total yield of onion by 43% and 34% in sites one and two, respectively, as compared to local surface irrigation. The highest irrigation water productivity (2.98 and 2.73 kg/m3) was obtained under family drip system and the lowest values were 1.25 and 1.28 kg/m3 under surface irrigation in sites one and two, respectively. Moreover, the family drip system scored higher net return and benefit cost ratio compared to the surface irrigation system.


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