Soil bulk density and some related soil physical properties in relation to soil moisture content under New Hamdab conditions, northern Sudan

Abbas Mohammed Ali, Hisham Mousa Ahmed


This study was carried out during 2009/10, in New Hamdab Research Station Farm, Northern State, Sudan. Soil bulk density was determined with its corresponding soil moisture contents for depths 0-20 cm, 20-40 cm, 40-60 cm, 60-80 cm and 80-100 cm from a soil profile of 120 cm deep using the core method. Correlation between soil bulk density versus each of soil depths (D) and soil moisture contents were made, nevertheless, the bulk density related soil physical properties values in relation to moisture content were also estimated. The results indicated that soil bulk density had a significant linear positive relationship (P ≤ 0.001) with soil depth (r²=0.89), and negatively related to soil moisture content for all the tested depths(r²= 0.99, 0.98, 0.97, 0.58 and 0.98). The values of all related soil physical properties to soil bulk density increased with increasing gravimetric soil moisture content for all depths except for the air filled porosity which decreased. A calculated amount of irrigation water of 1693 m³/ha is needed to irrigate an air dry soil that contains about 5% moisture.

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