Effect of feeding sorghum stover treated with Rabaa ash alkali on digestibility and performance of Nubian goats

Asma Himmed M. Hamed, Mohamed E. Elimam


Ash from some plants in the Sudan was evaluated for alkalinity and used in upgrading straws since it is cheap and safe. Alkalinity varied greatly among plant species and was highest for Rabaa (Trianthema pentandra L.) and least in Buda (Striga hermonthica (Del) Benth.). Effects of Rabaa ash alkali on chopped sorghum stover (Tabat variety) dry matter and water intakes, digestibility and body weight changes in Nubian goats were studied. Sorghum stover was treated with 0%, 3%, 5% and 8% Rabaa ash solutions forming diet US, AT1S, AT2S and AT3S, respectively. The alkali significantly (p<0.05) depressed dry matter intake (DMI) compared to untreated stover and the effect was 839, 688, 619 and 661 g/day for US, AT1S, AT2S and AT3S, respectively. Water intake was 3303, 4164, 3752 and 3264 ml/day for US, AT1S, AT2S and AT3S, respectively. The alkali increased DM, OM, CP, EE and CF apparent digestibilities and the effects were increased with alkali level. A non- significant weight gain was noticed in all treatments.

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