Evaluation of the chemical and sensory characteristics of biscuits supplemented with soybean flour

Abdel moneim E.Sulieman, Asma O. Mohammed, El Amin A.Elkhalifa


In this study, 5%, 10% and 15% of dehulled and defatted soy flour (DDSF) was used to supplement biscuits to increase their protein content. Proximate analysis was determined for the DDSF which contained 7.4 ± 0.14% moisture, 6.7 ± 0.16% ash, 60.6 ± 0.64% protein and 25.3 ± 0.3% carbohydrate. The control wheat flour (WF) biscuit and the supplemented biscuits were evaluated for some of their chemical components, in-vitro protein digestibility as well as their sensory characteristics. The supplemen-tation resulted in an increase in protein, moisture, ash, crude fibre, total sugar and reducing sugar contents. The levels of these components increased with increased amounts of DDSF. The supplementation also resulted in a concomitant increase in the in-vitro protein digestibility. The sensory evaluation of the different biscuit samples revealed non- significant differences (P>0.01) between the supplemented biscuits and the control. However, panelists gave the highest scores to the 5% DDSF-containing biscuit. The results indicated the possibility of adding DDSF at a level of up to 15% for biscuit production with acceptable quality.

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