Grain yield and agronomic efficiency of released bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars as influenced by nitrogen fertilization in the River Nile State

Sahar O. Ahmed Ali, Omer H. Ibrahim, Ashraf M. Elhashimi


The response of eight bread wheat cultivars (Condor, Imam, Argein, Debeira, Bohain, Wadi-eneel, Tagana and Elnelain) were evaluated under eight levels of nitrogen (0kg N/ha, 43kg N/ha, 64.5kg N/ha, 86kg N/ha, 107.5kg N/ha, 129kg N/ha, 150.5kg N/ha and 172kg N/ha) at Hudeida Research Station farm, River Nile State, for two seasons, (2007/08 and 2009/10) to determine the optimum dose of nitrogen fertilizer and agronomic efficiency (AE) for the mentioned wheat cultivars. A split-plot design was used in which the nitrogen fertilizer rates were assigned to the main plots and the wheat cultivars to the sub-plots. The results of the combined analysis for the two growing seasons revealed that, nitrogen fertilizer significantly affected grain yield and yield components. Grain yield increased with the increasing N fertilizer until it reached a peak at the application of 107.5 kg N/ha .The highest grain yield (3302 kg/ha.) was obtained by Argine. The maximum agronomic efficiency (AE) was recorded with Condor coupled with the application of 107.5kgN/ha. The study recommended growing the wheat cultivars Argine and Condor in the River Nile State with the application of 107.5kgN/ha.

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