Optimizing operation of pumping system for small holder irrigation

Galal Y. Alaraki, Mohamed A. Ali, Hassan I. Mohamed


Under conditions of scarce water resources and increasing oil prices, improvement of pumping water for small holdings irrigation systems received little attention. It is assumed that with minimal physical effort, improvements of economic returns from investment in irrigation pumping systems have been achieved. In the Nile valley, the technological level and farmer know how are still low. To improve the operation of these systems, this study was conducted to document the existing mode of operation of centrifugal pump in order to determine the system optimum operating point for different working centrifugal pump depths. Performance characteristics of the common usable size (4 inch) centrifugal pump as affected by the different types of prime-mover (6,8,10 hp) under different operating static heads (3,6,9 and 12 m) were measured; hence, dynamic heads, fuel used and system efficiencies were determined The study indicated incorrect operation and installation of the pump systems in the study area. As a result, the prime-mover was found to be working at low efficiencies. It is duely required to improve the efficiency of the existing mode of system operation with proper installation and matchability of prime-mover and pump size.

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