N Effect of organic manures and urea on soil physical properties and yield of cotton grown in Rahad Scheme, Sudan

Faiza Mohamed Hamid, Elnaiem Abdalla Ali


Field experiments were conducted for three consecutive seasons, 2004/ 05, and 2005/06, and 2006/07 in Rahad Research Station Farm. Two types of organic fertilizers were used to assess their effect on soil physical properties and cotton yield, as compared to that of urea fertilizer. The two types of organic fertilizers were cow manure compost (C) at four levels (0, 5, 10, and 15 tons/ha), and poultry manure (PM) at (2 and 4 tons/ha). Urea fertilizer was added at the rate 86 kg N/ha in a randomized complete block design. The total number of treatments was 16, which were replicated four times. Field observations were recorded and soil and plant analyses were carried out. Results of the first and second seasons showed that both C and PM significantly decreased the soil bulk density, and significantly increased the soil infiltration rate (InfR), soil total porosity (TP) and soil hydraulic conductivity (HC).They also increased the dry matter contents and seed cotton yield in the three seasons of the experiment. The compost and poultry manure combinations increased significantly the mentioned parameters and gave better results than those of compost and urea fertilizer. The maximum seed cotton yield was obtained by the treatment receiving the combination of 4PMand15C.


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