Vol 7, No 2 (2009)

Table of Contents


Time series analysis of rainfall in the Butana area, Sudan PDF
Muna M. Elhag, Sue Walker
Comparison of sprinkler and surface irrigation methods for sugarcane production in Kenana Sugar Company, Sudan PDF
Ali M. Adeeb1, Dafalla M. Abdelwahab
Effect of various irrigation regimes on sesame growth and yield under Gezira conditions PDF
Mahasin A. Mohamed, Saeed M. Farah
Influence of drought stress on seed yield and yield components of nine common bean(Phaseolus vulgaris L.) genotypes PDF
Gamal E.Khalifa1, Ali E. Eljack, Elsadig S. Mohamed
Heterosis for grain yield and its components in pearl millet topcrosses PDF
Yahia D. Eldie1, Abu Elhassan S. Ibrahim, Adam M. Ali
Effect of crop mixing on forage yield and quality of selected grasses and legumes in the Gezira, Sudan PDF
Ali E. Hussain1, Ali S. Gangi, Ibrahim E. Mohamed
Effect of polyethylene film lining and potassium permanganate on quality and shelf-life of banana fruits PDF
Mae A. Elamin, Abu-Bakr A. Abu-Goukh
Quality and evaluation of syrup from local date (Phoenix dactylifera L.) cultivars PDF
Abdel Moneim E. Sulieman, Azza M. Salih Ebaid alla, Mohamed E. Elkashif
Effect of NeemAzal-T/S 1% Azad, entomopathogenic fungus, Verticillium lecanii and their combination on the survival and fecundity of cotton aphid, Aphis gossypii PDF
Ahmed E. M. Hassan
Effect of jassid {(Jacobiasca lybica (de Berg.)}density on number of flowers and leaf-damage as yield components of eggplant at different growth stages PDF
Sampson Akoi Binyason, Z. T. Dabrowski, El-Imam El-Khidir
Economics of garlic production in the Northern State PDF
Hag Hamad A. Mohamed El Ameen, Emad El Deen M. Ali

ISSN: 1728-9556