Vol 10, No 1 (2012)

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the relationship between calibrated and actual field seed rates of the external fluted wheel seed metering device with the use of wide level disk harrow PDF
Lotfie A. Yousif
genetic variability and heritability of yield and yield components in some rice genotypes PDF
Khalid A. Mohamed, Abu Elhassan S. Ibrahim, Ahmed M. Mustafa
heterosis for grain yield and its components in topcross hybrids of maize PDF
Mohammedein B. Alhessein, Abu Elhassan S. Ibrahim, Eltahir S. Ali
Effect of irrigation interval, sowing method and farmyard manure on growth and seed yield of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) in the desert plain soils of northern Sudan PDF
Ammar W. Hammad, Osman A. Ali, Habiballa A. Mohamed
morphological and molecular identification of some indigenous fruit fly species in Sennar State, Sudan PDF
Abdelaziz, E. Gesmallah, Massimiliano Virgilio, Marc De Meyer, Nabil H. H. Bashir, Mohamed E. Elkashif, Yousif O.H. Assad
Host range, damage and seasonality of fruit flies in Sennar State, Sudan PDF
Abdelaziz E. Gesmallah, Nabil H.H. Bashir, , Mohamed E. Elkashif, Yousif O.H. Assad
stablishment and parasitiEsm efficiency of Trichogramma principium (Sugonyaev et Sorokina) on Helicoverpa armigera (Hb.) infesting cotton in Sudan PDF
Tag Elsir E. Abdalla, Ahmed M. Mustafa, Hassan A. Mubarak
Effect of heat treatment and storage period on the quality of traditionally fermented goat milk yoghurt PDF
Abdel Moneim E. Suliman, Abbas H.O. Alemam, Elzubier A. Salih
sheep in Rahad Scheme, Sudan PDF
Mohmed E. Elimam, Mohmed F. F. Babikir
The effect of dissemination of agricultural information about pesticides hazards on farmer’s knowledge, attitudes and practices (a case study: Rahad Scheme, Sudan) PDF
Musa H. Elfaki, Anwar M. ELHassan
Determinants of financing small enterprises by the Agricultural Bank in North Kordufan State (2003-2007) PDF
Elsayed E.M. Elnagarabi, Zuo Elgranin A. Elmahi, Abu Baker M.A. Hussen

ISSN: 1728-9556