Breakdown and Associated Downtime for tractors employed in sugarcane transportation in Elguneid Sugar Factory

Abdelkarim D. Elfadil, Mamoun I. Dawelbeit, Abdalla S. Abdalla, Yousof E. Yousof




This research was conducted at Elguneid Sugar Factory, one of the Sudanese Sugar Company Factories. Data on tractors used to transport sugarcane to the factory were collected in seasons 2002/2003, 2003/2004 and 2004/2005 on daily basis. Transportation of cane in Elguneid Sugar Factory was accomplished using tractors and trailers. Tractors used for sugarcane transportation were given arbitrary codes as group A (12 tractors) and group B(33 tractors). From the study it was found that tractors B have the highest frequencies of failures than tractors A (103.38 failure per tractor per season compared to 62.3 failure per tractor per season for tractor A. The major problems of tractors B were the starting (18.07 failure per tractor per season) followed by electrical failures (12.63 failures per tractor per season), while the major problems of tractors A were found to be the tires (11.77) and the gearbox (6.60 failures per tractor per season). Statistical analysis showed high significant difference between the two types of tractors in the frequencies of failures. Tractor A lost 90.94 hours per season as unscheduled downtime which was about 2.5% of its operating time, while tractor B lost 107.43 hours per season which amounted to 3% of the operating time.

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