Analytical data and identity characterization of A. polyacantha gum samples collected between 2000/2001 and 2001/2002 from Sudan

Elgaili. A. Omer, Mohammed E. Abdulaziz, Mohammed E. Osman


About sixty authentic A. polyacantha gum samples were analyzed to evaluate existing quality control parameters and to assess the potential of new parameters such as moisture content, total ash, nitrogen and protein content, specific optical rotation, intrinsic viscosity, pH value, equivalent weight, total uronic acid content, average molecular weight and minerals .

The data obtained indicate the following mean values; moisture (8.2%) ash (2.9%), nitrogen (0.35%) protein (2.3%), specific rotation (-16.6), intrinsic viscosity (10.3ml/g), pH (4.9), equivalent weight (1361.5), total uronic acid content (14.5%), and average molecular weight (2.85X105), respectively. 13Cn.m.r spectrum of dialyzed polyacantha gum allows unambiguous characterization of all the C-1 resonance. These results indicate gum polyacantha to consist mainly of4,6-a-rhamnopyranose,4,5-a-L-arabinofuranose,1,5-a- Larabinofuranose, 1,2,5-b-D-galactopyranose and 1,6,-b-D-glucopyr-anuronic acid . The results of all parameters studied showed a wide variation. Accordingly, these parameters therefore, cannot be recommended as quality indices. These data confirms the heterogene-ity of A .polyacantha gum.

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