Breakdowns and Associated Downtime for Trucks Employed in Sugarcane Transportation

Abdelkarim D. Elfadil, Mamoun I. Dawelbeit, Abdalla S. Abdalla, Yousof E. Youfof


This research was conducted at Kenana Sugar Company during seasons 2002/2003, 2003/2004 and 2004/2005 to evaluate the trucks breakdowns and their associated downtime. Data were collected on daily basis. Types of failure and repair time were registered for each truck. Sugarcane in Kenana is transported using rigid and articulated trucks, the capacities of which are about 15 tons and 24 tons respectively. Trucks tested were given arbitrary codes A, B and C. The numbers of trucks in each group were 29, 67 and 100 respectively. It was found that trucks A have the highest frequency of failures per season (27.26 compared to 8.91 and 13.31 for trucks B and C respectively). The radiator failure was the major problem for trucks A(15.81%), while the service was the major problem for trucks B and C (34.68% and 15.79% respectively). Statistical analysis showed high significant differences between trucks A and B, A and C and no significant difference between trucks B and C. The total time lost by these trucks was 199.71, 45.97 and 67.22 hours per truck per season which is equivalent to 5.5%, 1.28% and 1.87% of total operating time.

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