Carbonation of Sugar Beet Juice in the Purification Process

Mohanad O. Bashari, Kamal Suleiman, Elamin A. Elkhalifa


These experiments were conducted in Elgunied Sugar Research Center during crop season 2006-2007 to investigate two sugar beet varieties (Juvena and Valentina). Brix degrees of extracted juice of Juvena and Valentina varieties were 16.50% and 15.91%, respectively. On the other hand, the purity of the two varieties demonstrated 80.32 % and 81.09 %, respectively.

The amount of lime used in this test was 0.3 % in preliming and 2.5 % in main liming on sugar beet weight used. In this study three lime concentrations 4, 6 and 8 Baume were used. It was found that the best was 6 Baume concentration which gave 1.5 minutes for sedimentation rate in preliming and 17 minutes for main liming. When 8 Baume was used in preliming, the sedimentation occurred only after 3 hours.

The lower turbidity obtained was 4.93 when the CO2 gas volume of 41.50 cm3/500 ml juice in the 1st carbonation process and 26.45cm3/500 ml in the 2nd carbonation process was used for Juvena juice, but for Valentine juice the best gas volume used was 51.44 and 38.14 cm3/500 ml and resulted in a lower turbidity value which was 3.50. This was accompanied by colour reduction from 28246 IU in limed juice to 11500 and 11680 IU for Juvena and Valentina, respectively during the same stages of carbonation treatment.

The two samples of raw juice showed a low value of reducing sugars which was 0.013%, on the other hand the reducing sugars of clarified juice were higher and found to be 0.42%.

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