Vol 7, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents


Antimicrobial Activity of the Extracts of Pomegranate (Romman) Plant (Punica grantum L.) PDF
Awad M. Abdel-Rahim, Hadia A. M. Bashiar, Abdel-Moneim A. Sulieman
The Effect of Direct and Indirect Boiling on Chemical Composition and Microbial load of Disposed Waste Fish of White Nile State, Sudan PDF
Ghanim E. Salih, Ibrahim E. Alkhawad, Mutaz S. Babiker, Awad M. Abdel-Rahim
Utilization of Colocynth (Handal) Seeds Oil as a Lubricating Base Oil PDF
Maha A. A. Abdelrahman, Atif A. A. Yassin, Abdelnasir M. Abdou
Antimicrobial Activity of the Extract of Garlic and Onions PDF
Abdel-Rahim A. M., Abdel-Malik O. A. Idris, Sulieman A. E.
Influence of Sugar Cane Mechanical Harvest on Clear Juice Quality At Elguneid Sugar Factory PDF
Nahid S. Ahmed, Kamal S. Hassan, Elamin A. EIKhalifa
Utilization of Used Vegetable Oil as a Biodiesel Fuel PDF
Ehsan B.A. Mohammed, Atif A.A. Yassin, Maha A.A. Abdelrahman, Abdelnasir M. Abdou
Design of a small-scale solar Dryer to Improve Natural Drying of Vegetables and Fish PDF
Abdallah A. Alyan, Mohammed M. Bukhari, Abdel Moneim E.Sulieman
Effect of irrigation interval, sowing method and farmyard manure on growth and seed yield of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) in the desert plain soils of northern Sudan PDF
Ammar W. Hammad, Osman A. Ali, Habiballa A. Mohamed