Market Orientation in the Sudanese Manufacturing Firms (An Empirical Study)

Manal Elzien Abdelwahab, Ahmed Hamza Khalifa


The literature review indicates that the market orientation (MO) literature still lacks a comprehensive applied MO model specifically in developing countries; therefore, the purpose of this research is to propose a model of MO and to test its applicability in Sudan, as a developing country. To date, no researches conducted in Sudan to develop an applied model of MO that provides guidelines on the conditions required to determine the level of MO. In addition, no researches undertaken to investigate whether implementing the marketing concept leads to better business success. This research investigates the extent to which the Sudanese manufacturing companies apply the marketing concept and how the degree of MO affects the performance of the business. To test the applicability of the proposed model the data obtained from high officials of marketing or non-marketing departments of the manufacturing companies in Sudan.

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