Agricultural Insurance, Applications and Problems: The Case Study of Shiakan Company for Insurance and Re Insurance (Gezira Board)

د. محمد عوض الكريم الحسين الحسن, أ. مـريم يوسـف الجـيلي أحـمـ


The study is intended to forecast the advantages and contributions of agricultural insurance to support the agricultural sector in the Sudan and to detect especially the limitations and constraints facing the adoption of this policy. A descriptive and analytical approach was used. A questionnaire targeting the professionals and officials in Shiakan insurance company in Khartoum and Wad Medani. The study concluded that: Awareness and orientation of the farmers with this policy was poor, furthermore, farmers were unhappy regarding the adoption of the insurance policy in a compulsory way. The prevailing economical environment in the Sudan did not much favor the adoption of this policy, there was a time lagge between the timing of actions and Compensations received by the clients. The study recommended the promotion and development program for all the stakeholders about the agricultural insurance, upgrading the technology used, securing the finance needed, rules and regulations to define the obligations of the different parties. Farmers should be responsive through provision of incentives and encouraged by different ways.

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