Tafakkur from a Qur’anic Perspective

Dr. Jamal Ahmed Badi


This paper attempts to provide an exposé of the concept of Tafakkur as an integral part of the Qur’anic view of man. Obviously, man as a vicegerent has a noble task and a grand mission to undertake on this earth. As clearly stated in certain Qur’anic verses, the essence of the mission of man has to do with the faculties which are put at his disposal by his Omnipotent Creator. In this respect, the faculty of Tafakkur becomes one of the most important features that not only distinguishes man from other creatures; but also qualifies him to accomplish a pivotal role as a civilization builder and mission conveyer. In the present work the concept of Tafakkur is approached from a socio- linguistic angle. This implies the analysis of the Qur’anic meaning of Tafakkur as well as the social implications of these connotations.

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