Managing Board

- Prof. Mohamed Taha Yousif  Elamien -Vice Chancellor (Chairman)

- prof.  Elhassan Mohamed Elhassan Ishag - Dean of Scientific    

          Research & Innovation (Deputy Chairman)

 - Dr.  Badreldin Elsonni Abdalla Mohamed – Principal.

- Mohamed El-Amin Tagel-Asfia Hassan El-Basri (editor-in- chief, Gezira Journal of Economic and Social Sciences).

- Mohomed Eltayeb Elsideeg (editor-in-chief, Gezira Journal of Educational Sciences and Humanities)

- Abu Elhassan S. Ibrahim (editor-in-chief, Gezira Journal of Agricultural Science).

- Elnour K. Abusabbah (editor-in-chief, Gezira Journal of Engineering and Applied Science).

- Omer A. Mirghani (editor-in-chief, Gezira Journal for Health Sciences).

-    Prof.  Abdalla Mohammed Al – Amin (editor-in-chief, Journal of Tafakkur).

 -    Dr. Sulafa Yacoub Mohammed Ahmed ( Board Convener)

Editorial Board:

  • Mohamed El-Amin Tagel-Asfia Hassan El-Basri (Editor-in- chief).
  • Hysum Ibrahim Mohammed Muhmoded (Editor-in- chief).
  • Ahmed Hamad Elnory
  • Mohamed Hamad Mohamed Ahmed.
  • Adil Ali Ahmed Mohamed.
  • Habib Adam Suliman.
  • Mohamed Babiker Elawad
  • Mohamed Bashier Mansour.