Combining ability and gene action of yield and related characters in maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids under the conditions of Raqqa Governorate, Syria

Ahmad A. Elali Elkhalf, Shlash Eload, Threa Elnoije, Aimen El Arfi


A study was conducted to estimate combining ability and heterosis of  inbred lines and  testers in 15 maize (Zea mays L.) crosses, their 8 parents and check Pasil-1 in line x tester analysis at Raqqa Research Center (RRC) and Ali Baglih Research Station (ABRS), Syria, in 2013. The experiment was arranged in a randomized complete block design with three replications. The results showed highly significant differences for all traits at the two sites. The variability among lines was significant for all traits except days to 50% tassel, number of rows/ear and 100 kernels weight at RRC, while at ABRS non-significant differences were observed among lines for all traits. The relative variability among testers was significant for all traits at ABRS except days to 50% tassel and grain yield, while no significant differences were detected for all traits at RRC. Combining ability analysis showed that non-additive gene effects were found to be important for inheritance of days to 50% tassel, plant height and 100-kernel weight, whereas number of rows/ear, number of kernels/row, effective ear length and grain yield were controlled by additive gene effects. The highest grain yield was recorded by IL.356-10×IL.179-09         (10 t/ha), IL.356-10×IL.175-10 (9.79 t/ha) and IL.1-10×IL.179-09 (9.7 t/ha) at RRC, IL.356-10× IL.175-10 (8.3 t/ha),IL.356-10× IL.179-09 (7.3 t/ha) and IL.1-10× IL.5-09 (7.3 t/ha) at ABRS. Among the lines, IL.175-10 and IL.179-09 were the best combiners for grain yield, while among testers, IL.356-10was the best combiners for grain yield at the two sites. Assessment of SCA effects for grain yield at RRC revealed that cross IL.356-10×IL.179-09 had maximum positive SCA effects, heterosis and high per se performance, while at ABRSIL.356-10×IL.175-10 had the highest positive SCA effects, heterosis and high per se performance. This study suggests that lines IL.175-10 and IL.179-09, and among testers, IL.356-10were the best combiners for grain yield at the two sites. The hybrids IL.356-10× IL.179-09, IL.356-10× IL.175-10 and IL.1-10× IL.5-09 can be used in different environments of Raqqa governorate, Syria.

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