Managing Board

-  Prof. Mohamed Taha Yousif  Elamien- Vice chancellor (Chairman).

-   Prof. Alhassan mohammad Alhassan Ishag -Dean of Scientific    

      Research & Innovation (Deputy Chairman).

-           Dr. Badreldin Elsonni Abdalla Mohamed - Principal .

-           Dr. Mohamed Eltayeb Elsiddig (editor-in-chief, Gezira Journal of Educational Sciences and Humanities).

-           Prof. Abu El- Hassan Salih Ibrahim (editor-in-chief, Gezira Journal of Agricultural Sciences).

-           Prof. Omer Ahmed Mirghani (editor-in-chief, Gezira Journal for Health Sciences).

-           Prof. ELnour K. Abu Sabbah (editor-in-chief, Gezira Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences).

-           Dr. Mohamed El-Amin Tagel-Asfia Hassan El-Basri (editor-in-chief, Gezira Journal of Economic and Social Sciences)

-           Dr. Sulafa Yacoub Mohammed Ahmed (Board Convenor)

Editorial Board

Prof. ELnour K. Abu Sabbah

Dr. Yousif Elhadi Elsideeg Ahmed

Dr. Azhari Siddeeg Abdelwahab Ahmed

Dr. Rabie Ahmed Mohammed Asad

Dr. Haroon Abdelrahman Mohamed Saeed

Dr. Awadallah Mohammed Ahmed Ali

Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Hammad Alhebir

Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Elhadi

Dr. Basim Abbas Eltayeb El Emam

Dr. Eltigani Elnour Bashier Abdelgalil

Dr. Maha Abdelrahman Abdelmawla Abdelrahman