Vol 11, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


Pattern, Presentation and Management of Marjolin’s ulcer in OmdurmanTeaching Hospital PDF
Abdallah Abdelrhman Rahamah Musa, Osama Murtada Ahmed
Frequency of Cameroon Haplotype in a Cohort of Sudanese Patients with Sickle Cell Disease PDF
Bakhieta A. I. Attalla, Eltahir A. Gasim, Montaser E. Ibrahim
Pattern of Anorectal malformations in Gzira National Center for Pediatric Surgery (GNCPS) PDF
Mohammed Suror B. M. Alsammani, F A.Nugud, O Taha, J Mostafa
Selection and Comlications of Donor Nephrectomy in Gezira Hospital for Renal Diseases and Surgery PDF
Abdelraouf Gassemelseed H M, M EL Imam Ahmed, Mustafa O M ansour
Pattern of Mental Disorders among the Students of the University of Gezira- Sudan PDF
Magda Elhadi, Khatab Mohamed, Huda M. Haroon, Fathia Omer Ahmed, Dia eldeen Elgiali Abubakr
Current Status and Utilization of Oral and Dental Health Services in Gezira State (2005-2009) PDF
Mogahid Abd El Rahman Yousif, Ibrahim A. Ghandour, Ali A. Idris, Mohamed Mahfouz
Use of Omental Flap in the Management of Postoperative Mediastinitis PDF
SalahEldin Mohamed Elmustafa Hassan, Sameh H. Morsy
Massive Intraperitoneal Haemorrhage due toUterine Fibroid in Pregnancy: A Case Rerort and Literature Review PDF
Moawia E. Hummedia
Endobronchial Lipoma: A Case Report PDF
SalahEldin Mohamed El mustafa Hassan, Ismail Murad, Gumaa Aboul Nasr Khalil
Risks and complications of portal hypertension with Pregnancy PDF
Khalid Yassin M.Ahmed, Amel Kamil M.Saeed, Mustafa Marwan Taha, Ayad K.Y.M