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Vol 11, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents


The Spin ability of Genetically Modified Acala Cotton Compared with Traditional Acala Cotton PDF
Kamal M. El Jack, Azza A. Hmed, Hafiz A. El Tahir
An Algorithm for Mapping Relational Database to Resource Description Framework PDF
Murtada K.Elbashir, Mohamed A.Aboelhassan, Abubaker A.Ali
Using Nyquist Stability Criterion for Determining the Stability of Open and Closed-Loop Control Systems PDF
Abdelrahim B. Hamid
Hill- Piper diagram for drinking water quality in Ingessana area - Blue Nile State, Sudan. PDF
Youseif A. H. Adam, Mohammed Osman Babiker, Fatah Elrahaman Abass
Control Strategy of Vinyl Chloride Production from Ethylene PDF
Zeinab A.S.Ahmed, Gurashi G. Gasmelseed
مقارنة بين خوارزميات التحكم في جودة الخدمات المقدمة عبر الشبكة XML
أحمد صلاح الدين عبد الله, محمد عثمان عبد الهادي الطيب الحسين